Partners in Art (PIA)

Partners in Art (PIA) was established in 2002, incorporated in Canada as a not-for-profit corporation in 2004, and achieved charitable status in 2006.The group devotes money and volunteer time to raise the profile of art and artists within the community. PIA generally formulates partnering plans on a yearly and project-by-project basis. The group has approximately 70 members and operates in the City of Toronto. In the past PIA has collaborated with the The Power Plant, The Art Gallery of Ontario, The Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, Canadian Art Foundation, The Ontario College of Art and Design, The Institute for Contemporary Culture at the ROM and the Galerie de l’Université du Québec à Montréal.

Partners in Art is a volunteer organization focused on education and philanthropy. Membership is limited to about 70, on a first come, first served basis. All members are required to pay social dues of $300 per year and in addition are required to donate at least $350 to the group’s charitable efforts. The group holds fundraising events, attracts sponsors to fund its activities and accepts donations from the public. Proposals for funding are welcomed and reviewed by a project development committee. Generally PIA prefers an active collaboration on a project. PIA has supported both large (over $100,000) and small ($10,000 – $15,000) projects, and is interested in focusing on education, publication, and promoting alliances between global thinkers in the visual arts.

PIA Co-Chairs Yvonne Fleck Mimi Joh

PIA Members
Tamara Bahry
Colette Barber
Mary Bartlett-Keating
Sharon Baruch
Kim Barwise
Kaselle Beach
Nancy Belsher
Kim Bozak
Jane Brisebois
Susan Caskey
Helene Clarkson
Stephanie Coffey
Lisa Dinnick
Heli Donaldson
Raphaela Dunlap
Amoryn Engel
Dorothy Engelman
Lynn Factor

Eileen Farrow
Angela Feldman
Rita Field-Marsham
Yvonne Fleck
Patricia Fogler
Loren Francis
Stacy Francis
Leslie Giller
Maxine Granovsky Gluskin
Sally Hannon
Kathy Houde-Lovas
Linda Jamieson
Michelle Meneley
Allison Menkes
Shabin Mohamed
Patricia Muir
Gerda Neubacher
Julie Norton
Pauline Nowak

Beth Nowers
Elisa Nuyten
Linda O’Leary
Karen Pilosof
Lynn Richardson
Marie-Claire Roche
Judy Jarvis
Mimi Joh
Michelle Koerner
Tiana Koffler Boyman
Elske Kofman
Hesty Leibtag
Carol Lloyd-Pinnington
Mary Jo Looby
Barbara Macdonald
Liza Mauer
Susan McArthur
Alison McDonald
Marianne McKenna

Merle Rosenhek
Erica Segal
Eleanor Shen
Sandy Skotnicki-Grant
Neri Slan
Carmen Sorger
Allison Sparkes
Joan Sternthal
Marlo Szellos
Jennifer Tanenbaum
Maria Techar
Joanne Thring
Mitty van der Velden
Christine Ward
Carol Weinbaum
Sandy Welton
Jennifer Young
Robin Young
Kate Zeidler


Honorary Chair
Marc Mayer, Director and CEO, National Gallery of Canada

Gala Co-Chairs
Kimberly Cudney
Julia Ouellette

Salah Bachir
Victoria Barton
Steven Casey
Kate Daniels
Lynne Dalgleish
Yvonne Fleck
Fela Grunwald
Wanda Ho
Ann Horton Chapman
Mimi Joh
Popsy Johnstone
David Liss
Mindi MacKinnon
Sharron Mollenhauer
Nada Ristich
Mary Robertson
Cheri Rorabeck
Stacey Sharpe


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