July 3 – August 17, 2008

Wade your way out of the heavy summer city air and into the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art to hear the exhibition Damn Your Eyes: the infinite dimension of sound.  A departure from visually oriented presentations of contemporary art, this exhibition features spaces forged to contain and combine sonic artworks by Darren Copeland, Walter Kitundu, Emmanuel Madan, Matmos, raster-noton, Tara Rodgers and [The User].

On your path from the gallery door to its farthest reaches, you will encounter a series of transitional environments marked by extremes of light and dark, open seated space and stark enclosures.  Works are presented in three distinct formats: a lunging four-channel installation, a stereo sound booth and theatrically set headphone stations.  Sound is experienced in isolation or in the company of others.  As one piece is exited another is entered, an interstitial conflation of programs occurs.  The setting is conducive to leisure and devised for repeat visits. The exhibition holds its mass in our aural anatomies.

Darren Copeland (Canada)
Walter Kitundu (U.S.A.)
Emmanuel Madan (Canada)
Matmos (U.S.A.)
raster-noton (Germany)
Tara Rodgers (Canada/U.S.A.)
[The User] (Canada)

Curated by Camilla Singh

Opening Reception

Thursday July 3, 8 – 10 pm