March 24 – April 22, 2007

Images Festival 2007

Since her first performance in Canada during Expo 67, Carolee Schneemann has established a consistent presence in Canada through her many performances, lectures and solo and group exhibitions in various places and venues around the country. The exhibition Breaking Borders, organized by the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, will feature a selection of more recent multi-media works that Schneemann has produced and/or exhibited in Canada.

Featured will be SNAFU, her most current kinetic sculpture activated by a computer program and projection system, as well as the multi-channel video installation Devour.Large format digital prints produced at Sagamie Center for Digital Art in Quebec will include Caged Cats I & II a digital collage of animal and war images.  In addition the photo grids presented will be permutations on the World Trade Center disaster Terminal Velocity, as well as Dark Pond 2001-05 unique watercolor and digital print layers.

Curated by David Liss
Presented in conjunction with the 20th annual Images Festival, April 5-14, 2007

Installation images: Walter Willems

Opening Reception

Saturday March 24, 7 – 10 pm