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Miyoshi Nagao – Art Toronto MOCA Benefit Edition 2016 Print


Art Toronto 2016 MOCCA Benefit Editions — Miyoshi Nagao
Basement, 2016. *Local pick-up only

Product Description

*Local pick-up only

Limited Edition Print

Miyoshi Nagao
Basement, 2016
Digital Photography, Sculpture: clay, special effects makeup
Edition of 15
12 x 8 inches
$600 (unframed)
Courtesy of the artist

Miyoshi Nagao’s  interdisciplinary art practice focuses on exploring themes of personal identity, gender norms, mass media and contemporary society. However, she is also inspired to create works by exploring and questioning my own introspective thoughts as they arise.

Miyoshi is fascinated by both the contemporary art world and the makeup artistry world. She aims to merge the two realms while creating her works. Miyoshi often uses her own body/face as a medium, altering my appearance using a combination of conventional cosmetics and theatre/special effects makeup. She enjoys the tactile quality of creating works using various forms of makeup and has also used it as a medium for painting and sculpture.

As a recent graduate of the University of Toronto Visual Studies program (B.A.), Miyoshi is eager to explore the different facets of the art world as she cultivates and shapes her own practice.

Purchase the entire collection for a special price of $5,000. Contact Mark Savoia, Marketing & Communications Officer, at (416) 395-7490 or for more information.

About the Art Toronto MOCCA Benefit Edition
Since 2009, Art Toronto and the Museum of Contemporary Art Toronto Canada have collaborated on the commission of a benefit edition by a Canadian artist. Each year the limited edition work is made available for sale exclusively at Art Toronto, and has included both emerging and established artists. All proceeds from the sale of the works support programming initiatives at MOCA.  More about previous Art Toronto MOCA Benefit Editions.