July 16 – August 21, 2005

Within the hierarchy of visual disciplines, drawing has appeared something of a misplaced object. Located between and beneath such traditional media specializations as architecture, painting and sculpture, it has been ambiguously positioned at both the foundation and margins of artists’ practices in the West. Although prized for its intimacy and immediacy, drawing has nonetheless remained identified as a preparatory practice, one overshadowed by media seen as possessing greater visual resolve and cultural significance. At the outset of the 21st century however, this story appears to have changed.

Just My Imagination presents recent work in the expanded field of contemporary drawing in Canada. It brings together 14 artists whose practice reflects a rigorous and sustained engagement with drawing’s broad ranging resources. No longer placed at the edges of traditional media categories, this work assumes an understanding of drawing as an ambitious and self-sufficient practice – one that appears to thrive in an environment less bound to disciplinary divides.

While most artists in Just My Imagination work on paper, few restrict themselves to working exclusively with drawing’s traditional means. Some actively extend classical drawing approaches into other media (such as textile, sculpture, digital media and performance) or provocatively cross disciplines to produce new visual compounds. Still others adopt drawing’s traditional process-orientation to produce works that elude media definition altogether.

Whether using familiar materials and techniques or translating these into media customarily seen as other to its traditions, in Just My Imagination drawing provides an extensive root system – one capable of issuing and sustaining the most diverse varieties of contemporary artists’ practices.

Stephen Andrews, Sheila Butler, Lucie Chan, Cathy Daley, Raphaëlle de Groot, Michelle Gay, Luanne Martineau, Jason McLean, Alison Norlen, Ed Pien, John Scott, Candice Tarnowski, David Tomas, Anna Torma

Curated by David Merritt and Kim Moodie
Organized and circulated by Museum London and MMB Collective

Installation Shots

Opening Reception

Saturday July 16, 2 – 5 pm